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15 Years of Experience as a Health Coach working with T2 Diabetics.

To be honest with yourself, how many times have your ‘tried’ to beat T2?

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I tried Doctors, Specialists, but nothing worked till I started working with Daniel from T2 Reversal.

"I have been up and down all the time,. Good for a few weeks, then fall off. It's been like that for over 10 years. Till I decided enough was enough. Probably because I found the person to guide me. I hate Docs, the medical 'specialists who teach all the wrong things. Dan help me break habits, understand my own needs and we built a lifestyle plan that I am happy to keep. No more pain, and I lost 55 lbs. Happy Days."
John. S
Chef, Restaurant Owner
"I was able to reduce my A1C initially but then stalled. I was so frustrated, I knew I had to find the right help. That was Dan. He introduced new methods that were flexible and sustainable. He kept me accountable to get it done. Now I'm completely off all medication and I can enjoy cinnamon buns from to time - joke.. funny thing is, I no longer crave them. I am now in control"
Wendy N.
No more Diabetes
I never thought it was even possible. But I was able to reverse my Diabetes. Ilearned new, different and more effective ways to reduce my insulin, my A1C and build confidence in myself. Build habits, focusing other things like sleep, movement, energy and sleep. It's a powerful method, and personalized to me, my needs, my preferences, my challenges, my situation and my life.
Karen M.
Mum, No longer Diabetic and now, Triathlete